Bennett: Something even worse? What is it?

Cohen: You.

Bennett: Is that supposed to be some kind of Twilight Zone irony? Because it’s really not as clever as drunk you thinks it is.

Cohen: Hey, shut up, I am plenty clever. Also: I’m being dead serious here. Remember when I said we thought she had a good, caring Master? Now I think it’s more that you got lucky.

The Rabbit is perceptive enough to tell when you’re only yelling at her because of your own issues. Not all Beings can sense that. And don’t let it lull you into thinking she’s insightful across the board.

There’s ways she’ll never be able to be objective, when it comes to you. D’you know, she once insisted to me that you definitely had a plan for her rescue?

She’s compelled to believe in you. So if you ever get mad at her — I mean, really at her, not just out of your personal traumas — she’ll assume it’s justified, no matter what. And since your approval is the most important thing in the world to her . . . You follow what I’m saying? You could screw her up, long-term, if you say the wrong things. Don’t screw her up.