“That guy.”

Bennett: I’d like to thank you all one more time for coming out to fundraise tonight. With your help, we will keep this seat away from Dana Wells, and make sure the family values lobby still has a voice in Congress . . .

Sparrow: These people are so awful. Carrying on about “families” when they don’t actually think any families matter but their own.

What about families that are struggling to feed their kids because they can’t afford real food on minimum wage? What about queer families, huh? What about my family?

Offscreen voice: Get a job!

Sparrow: You got a job to offer me? No? Then shut up!

. . . Seriously? How does Bennett have any supporters who aren’t rich older white people?

Dot Rosa: Easy there, Sparrow. People can pick their own political affiliations, no matter what they look like. It’s the fun part of being human and having free will.