Bennett: I’m home! . . . Anyone here? In the Boston apartment? Say, where they were explicitly told to meet me?

Cybele: Down here, boss!

Bennett: So, you saw my speech, right? Using a nice, non-conspicuous form?

Cybele: Uh-huh! It was great!

Bennett: Of course it was great. I —

. . . I, uh . . .

From Bennett’s memory: “She’ll never be able to be objective . . . She’s compelled to believe in you.”

“Your approval is the most important thing in the world to her.”

Bennett: . . . I’m glad you were there. And good job on not getting noticed. Well done.

Offscreen voice: And when he left, he was with someone who sure looked a lot like you, but wasn’t.

You’re not raising the alarm . . . and you sure don’t look knocked-out or murdered. So either it was your idea, or at least, you agreed to it.