Cybele: Now, Mr. Cohen, I get why you’re upset, but try to look at the big picture. Having someone in Congress who’s in your debt could be pretty useful to you, I bet! And my Master can help you in other ways, too. For example: boss, I think Cohen’s had enough to drink by now, don’t you?

Bennett: She’s right. I’m cutting you off.


Cohen: Hey!

Okay, so he’s in Congress now. He’s up for a tough election next month. What if he loses?

Cybele: That wouldn’t be so good for you, huh? But I bet a big enough donation to his campaign could fix it!

Cohen: This is sounding like a better deal for you than it is for me.

Bennett: I’ll make up for it by being the best corporate puppet ever, I swear!

Cohen: Hmm . . .

Can you get yourself on the subcommittee for Defense?

Bennett: Yes! Of course! Definitely! Well, maybe. Why?

Cohen: I’ll tell you if you get there.