Q. Something I’m curious about is how far Beings’ selective honesty extends. Like, I know one can’t say “I’m Jason” or “my name is Jason”, for example, but could ze say “this is Susan, and her name is Jessica” if ze was talking about other Beings? Would it have to be “call me Jason. she goes by Susan, and she’s known as Jessica”? That would get suspicious…

A. If they were trying to be undercover, it would be telling, all right. But they’d be stuck needing to figure out a way to compensate for it. Names are meaningful, powerful things, and Beings are exquisitely sensitive to that — it’s not a trait you can work around without fundamentally changing who/what they are.

Q. I love how their sigils have similar elements, but are completely different. Do you have a method of creating them and deciding what motifs they have, or is it just whatever looks good?

A. All the sigils start with the same base, and then get lines and shapes added based largely on what looks good. (And/or on what shapes in the Paint Shop Pro library I haven’t used much yet. I may have to come up with almost 100 of these by series’ end, and they all need to be passably distinct.) Some of them were built around a loose theme, inspired by their personality or their animal form — Cybele’s has hearts, the Tiger’s has stripes.

In-universe, they’re supposed to be reminiscent of the sigils used for “magic”, but not exactly the same. (Especially since I think some of the “magic” ones look kind of dumb, heh.)

Q. Is there any substance a Being cannot stand? That is, is there something that Beings cannot stand to be near?

A. Nope, there is no Being Kryptonite.