Bianca: Your closet’s safe. We only found you because I already had your number. Do you remember helping with a QPOC charity event a few years ago . . . ?

Timothy: Oh, that’s right. Should have known that was a bad idea.

Patrick: You shouldn’t be rude to her. You were a lot nicer as a woman.

Timothy: Gee, I wonder why! Could it be because then, I don’t have to worry about people finding out that I’m a woman? Part-time, anyway.

Sparrow: Might not be such a problem if you found a less intolerant place to work.

Timothy: You have no idea what my reasons are for being here. And I can’t believe you went to all the bother of tracking me down just to criticize my career choices.

Bianca: You’re right. We didn’t. Patrick, why don’t you just demonstrate?

Patrick: Hmph.

Timothy (offscreen): “Patrick”?