Emir: Timmy!

Timothy: Yes, Brother Emir?

Emir: . . . I’m glad you finally got your hair cut. It looks nice short.

Timothy: T-thank you.

I’d like to grow it out some day, though . . .

Emir: What I’m trying to say is . . . I’m proud of you. You’re growing into a fine young man. Sometimes I worried when you were younger, but now I see I had nothing to fear. Especially now that you’ve been spending so much time with Sister Lily.

Of course, I’m glad you have this opportunity for your spiritual growth . . .

. . . but don’t forget, she’s our ticket to paradise, so . . .

. . . if you do anything to jeopardize that, Brother Alvah won’t have to punish you, because I’ll throw you out of here myself. Do you understand?

Timothy: Y-yes, Emir. Of course.