Everyone here addresses each other as “Brother ___” or “Sister ___”, but Timothy and Emir are actually brothers.

And no, Emir is not a short-dark-haired AU expy of anyone I’ve drawn before. Shhh.


Emir: Timothy! Where–

Timothy: Here I am, Brother Emir!

Emir: Oh, good! I was afraid I’d find you at the laundry again.

Timothy: What’s wrong with the laundry?

Emir: That’s woman’s work!

Timothy: You did it after Mother died . . .

Emir: Why do you think we moved here?

Man (offscreen): We thank you, O Lord, for this bounty we are about to receive . . . and pray you keep this holy garden of ours safe.

Man: Amen. Before we begin the meal, today is a very special day . . .

Timothy: Holy Communion! ♥

Man (offscreen): Enthusiastic as always, Brother Timothy.