Sparrow: Well, obviously this one did! And no matter how annoying he is, he’s better off because of it.

Bianca: It’s a complicated situation, but we’re trying to make it work. Discreetly. I was hoping you could give us some general advice on the whole thing.

Timothy: Discreet and complicated, huh . . . I’m sorry I snapped at you. Have a seat and let me tell you a story. Also — when I’m dressed like this, please call me Timothy. And you’re Sparrow, Patrick, and . . .

Bianca: Bianca. (Called it.)

Timothy: Do you remember hearing about the Order of St. Lily? It was a cult in Pennsylvania. Made national news in 1999. You would’ve been just kids.

Sparrow (flashback): You’re marrying my Mom?

Bianca (flashback): Daddy has what?

Sparrow: I had other things on my mind that year.

Bianca: Yeah . . . me too.

Timothy (narration): Me, I was nineteen when it all fell apart.

??? (offscreen): Brother Timothy! Dinner!

Timothy (narration): But when I first moved there, I was sixteen.