Timothy: A couple of Beings lived nearby, or within easy traveling distance. Sometimes their Masters brought them by, looking for fights. We weren’t forbidden to watch, but it was . . . discouraged. And the care of Lily after a battle was reserved for Brother Alvah.

Alvah: It’s too much. We can’t keep you tied to this fragile Earthly body for the sake of our own poor souls. You’ll take us tonight. Everyone who is ready.

Lily: Yes, Master.

Alvah: You have heard that it is not given to us to know the day, nor the hour, until it is upon us. Well, my brothers and sisters, the time has come. One by one, we will drink from Sister Lily’s cup.

I’ve added the extra ingredient that will separate our souls from our bodies. Brother Timothy. You and our sister have been especially close. Will you be the first to receive this gift?