Miranda: Random? Inadvertent? You can’t be bothered to go out and learn a few things?

Poe: To be fair, Master, you have the advantage in that area . . .

Miranda: I don’t expect them to hack into a Being research database! Just to do better than “random”!

Bianca: We do! I mean, it’s been a lot of trial and error . . . But we look online for stuff, and ask our friend who’s in this . . . Patrick fills us in on things, when he knows them.

Miranda: In other words, you’re only looking issues up as you run into them? No wonder you still have to ask about basic mechanics of the Game!

How do you expect to look out for Patrick if he runs into something you can’t deal with because you weren’t prepared, huh? Say someone tried to hack his “code” — to use what the press insists on calling “magic”. Would you have a defense?

Bianca: That’s not fair! As long as we keep a low profile, what are the odds we ever run into someone who can even do that?

Miranda: Higher than you’d think.

Patrick! [mysterious text]!