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Sparrow: So, hey, what do I do with this chick? Because I really don’t want her ordering her Being to dangle me over that gorge next.

Bianca: She won’t.

Because if all this was an elaborate test . . .

. . . then it’s over now, and she won’t need to pull any more fast ones on us from now on. It was all a test, right?

Sparrow: Uh, Bee, I know I only saw half of that, but I’m pretty sure she was seriously —

Miranda: — Testing you. Yes. You can call off your attack roommate now.

Bianca: Let her go, Sparrow.

Sparrow: I still don’t trust you any farther than I can throw you.

Miranda: Ooh, poor me.


I’ll need to spend time with him at least once a week. You can pick the places.

Patrick: You know her better than me right now . . . is she — ?

Poe: Doing something that will make her happy.