Reseda: Whooo’sa good dog?

Bianca: So, wait . . . does that mean Reseda is . . . your type?

Timothy: Not exactly.

It’s almost as if she’s gone out of her way not to be my “type.” Don’t get me wrong, if I met a wonderful woman who happened to look like her, it wouldn’t be a problem . . .

. . . but my romantic ideal is . . . very different.

Beings shape themselves into what they sense you want or need. It doesn’t have to be “someone you’re attracted to” — I really hope that’s not the case with Cybele, for instance.

I assume they could even mold themselves into something like “someone to argue with you”.

Poe: You know, Master, you can still change your plans. They’re not even here yet — it’s not set in stone.

Miranda: Not now, Poe. When they show up, I’ll decide on my own what to do.