Miranda: Before anything else . . . would you have Patrick switch to the form he used to take? *ahem* Please?

Bianca: Sure, no problem. Patrick?


Miranda: You kept his appearance so similar . . . Why?

Bianca: Good question — why do you look almost exactly like this for me?

Patrick: Because you told me not to change!

Bianca: But why have that appearance in the first place?

The first time we saw you in human form — Before you contracted with me, so it wasn’t on my orders — You had already shifted out of the form your old Master liked . . . to a form of . . . your own choosing?

Patrick: . . . I just felt Sparrow would be more suspicious of an adult male than a teenager.

Miranda: The same Sparrow you found weirdly compelling?

Poe: Only Sparrow I know.

Bianca: Yeah, that’s her. She’s like a Being whisperer or something. I don’t even know.