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Q. If you ordered your Being to accompany your kids on their year abroad as bodyguard and tour guide, would it be painful/dangerous for hir? Being away from Master, I mean.

A. If they were out of contact for extended periods of time, the Being would start to feel some emotional distress. How much depends on the temperament of the Being, and what kind of relationship they and their Master have.

Q. What are the limits of their mystical abilities outside that garden battle zone? We’ve seen them shapeshift (which given the whole cast and injuries in different forms has a stored body vibe to it) and heal but not much else. Basically can they do any other magic? Or even use their energy attacks outside the battlezone?

It’s complicated because Beings don’t think of those as mystical “abilities.” If anything, they’re limits — humans are the impressive ones, able to stay in one consistent body all their lives! The energy attacks are specifically designed for each other, and can’t be used on just anything.

CubQ. Is color a locked attribute as well as species – like, is Cybele stuck always being pink? We’ve seen Poe do a lot of serious shapechanging, especially within human range, but always with purple eyes, and Patrick likes yellow, brown and green…

Beings’ sigils and energy attacks are always a consistent color, and they do lean toward related color schemes.

That said, they aren’t required to have 100% consistency in any features — that’s in the comic as a visual aid to readers. When Poe completely disguises as someone, for instance, he doesn’t have distinctive purple eyes in-universe that could give him away to other characters. They’re just drawn that way so you can recognize and connect with each new form more quickly.