Cohen: Well, I’m not interested in punishing you. I’ll talk to my daughter, so I can personally reassure you that she isn’t either. You said it was one of Miranda’s associates who told you . . . ?

Bennett: I don’t know! I guess? Some other kid around her age, there for some other study. My, uh, little friend has seen her with a Being at political rallies. At some point I thought she might be a spy of yours. Now . . . ?

. . . I have no idea what her deal is.

Patrick: Sparrow! Reseda!

Bianca: Sparrow . . . ! It’s Bianca! Can you hear me?

Patrick: Come on out, Reseda! You can’t win this challenge if you don’t fight me!

Bianca: What if they’re miles away from here? Do we know if the battle-dimension is as big as a planet? Can’t you fly any faster??