Bianca: Miranda? We need some help — we lost Sparrow!

Miranda: Have you tried putting birdseed in the yard and watching from the window?

Bianca: This is serious!

She was trying to do your teleporting trick, and she disappeared, and hasn’t come back!

Miranda: She WHAT.

Bianca: She took another Being with her — the Cat. We did a challenge with Patrick — trying to talk to her on the battlefield — but we couldn’t find either one of them.

Miranda: Wait, she didn’t try to jump to the battlefield, did she?

Bianca: No — I expected her to get pulled into it, like she always does. You think she actually landed there?

Miranda: You better hope not!

Bianca: What? Why? It’s never been dangerous before! Cold and wet, maybe . . .

Miranda: Think about it!

Time doesn’t pass in the real world while you’re in a battle. Or at least, it passes too slowly for humans to measure. My dad and Dr. Rosen did a week once. Still came back the second they left.

[Normal time]
[Sparrow vanishes]

Before this call even connected, she could’ve been gone an infinite amount of time.

Bianca: Why did I let her try this?? A shorter commute isn’t worth the risk! I’ll never complain about the MBTA again!!