Poe: Should I change shape to hail the cab?

Miranda: Yeah. But first . . .

Just in case: Bianca — you, me, a round of Being-tag. Poe loses if he can’t catch Patrick in fifteen minutes.

Bianca: I accept!


Miranda: Three . . . two . . .

Bianca: Sparrow might not have been pulled into that one, if she was out of range . . . Can I give you Timothy’s number?

Miranda: Sure. I can do that fight on the way to the lab.

[Poe, in special cab-hailing form.]

Bianca: You still have people working there this late?

Miranda: I have my research notes there. Plus some sigils that might come in handy. And it’s the best place to be on standby . . .

. . . if I have to call, let’s say, another expert for help.

Cohen: . . . an’ whadda I know anyway, kids ‘ese days, don’ all get a edzhacation. Summuv’em drop out an’ make millions on whatsit. Phone thing. Apps!

Bennett: How are you this wasted?! All I’ve seen you drinking is milkshakes!

Cohen: I don’t knoooow. Mush’ be really good at bein’ alcalaholic.