Cohen: . . . P’trick . . . ‘M so . . . zzzz.


Cohen (thinking): Okay . . . had a few drinks, woke up in bed with a headache, that’s nothing new. But usually I recognize the bed I’m waking up in.
And am looking forward to the sound of the other person finishing their shower.

Glasses might help . . . hope these are mine.

. . .

Cohen: Bennett! Is that you in there??

Bennett: Oh, good, you’re conscious! I’ll be out in a minute.
There’s water in the fridge if you need it! Assuming you can walk there on your own. I sent Cybele out scouting, and I’m not hauling you around the apartment all by myself.

Cohen: Young man, did you get me drunk and take advantage of me?

Bennett: What? No!! . . . I mean, technically, I guess, yes! But not the way you made it sound like!