Bennett: Sorry about Cybele making you pass out. You caught that that part was all her fault, right?

Cohen: Unnerstan’able. I’m drinking less’n I did when we usedta hang out. Guess iss’ made a difference. Got a whole “have a better relash’ship with m’daughter” five-point plan. Good stuff.

Bennett: Yeah? Good luck with that.

Now that you’re awake, do you want me to call you a cab? You must have an executive penthouse or two within driving distance. And I haven’t had time to set up a guest room here. Been working more than I’m used to, ever since I got out of Congress.

Cohen: Whaa — you juss’ got me into your bed, and you’re already kickin’ me out?

Bennett: . . . You know what? No! I’m not falling for it this time! I know you just say these things to keep people off-balance. Probably learned it in some How To Make Profits By Intimidating People course. The double entendres, all the flirting-as-a-joke, the eye-catching sexy poses — well, I’m on to your game now! So it’s not going to throw me off any more!

Cohen: I, uh . . .

Cohen (thinking): I wasn’t doing a “pose” on purpose. Somebody’s subconsciously adding extra sexiness to this scenario.

. . . and I’m not 100% sure the somebody isn’t me.

Cohen: What if it wasn’t a game?