Cohen: Would it be a problem . . . if I was serious?

Bennett: You can’t be serious.

Cohen: Why not?

Bennett: I’ve gotten used to your normal game, so you’re taking it to a new level! A . . . really intense new level.

Cohen: What if I was genn’in’ly attracted to you? Weird as ‘at sounds.

Bennett: Okay, first of all: hey! And you’re a heterosexual.

Cohen: Says who?

Bennett: I’ve heard the way you talk about your daughter’s mom. And not just when you’re sober! You’re not gay. You were crazy about her!

Cohen: You know there are more’n two options, right?

There’s this hot new trend called “bisexuality.” All the kids’re talking about it.

. . . and you still haven’t said it’d be a problem a’cause you’re straight.

Bennett: I, I, ah . . . Well. I would’ve remembered it at some point!

Cohen: If you’re not into this, say so. But lis’n — you’re cute, and I’m discreet, an’ it doesn’t hafta mean anything if you don’t want. What d’you want?

Bennett: Cybele says I have a crush on you and it is really hard to think straight sorry for the pun when you’re all with the touching and your lips are right there.