Sparrow: Hey, as long as you’re doing interviews . . .

Timothy: I’m so sorry! You wouldn’t qualify for this job.

Sparrow: Why? Charities don’t get to require their employees to have a specific religion. Not even if they’re based in a church.

Timothy: What I mean is, you don’t have three to five years in nonprofit management experience.

Sparrow: Oh! For some reason, I thought you were trying to fill an entry-level job.

Timothy: . . . Just tell me how the blog is going.

Sparrow: The good news is . . . all the news is good! You have what the rest of the cute-cat-blog market can only dream of: a cat who will take directions. I haven’t even posted half the photos, and we’re getting new followers every day.

Of her three different identities so far, “Mittens” usually gets the best response. “George” has the highest average, but only because one of “his” photos is an outlier that got over 10,000 notes.

Timothy: Wait, that’s the post that went viral? It’s literally just her feet!

Reseda: These toes are going to make me a star!

Timothy: How much is the ad revenue up to?

Sparrow: Um . . . for the month, $3.68. It’s not a bad start, okay?

Reseda: And speaking of not-bad starts . . . Show my Master how your other project is going.