Bianca: They found out? Who — how — ?

Timothy: I don’t know. Does it matter? Someone from our karaoke place who doesn’t like church people . . . someone from the church who doesn’t like me . . . it all ends the same way.

This was my whole career. What if I’m outed to everyone I’ve worked with? What if I can’t get any references? I don’t have a degree. I’ll have nothing.

Bianca: That’s not true! You have so much more than when you first got away from the cult. Friends . . . a G.E.D. . . a credit score!

Timothy: . . . but what if I’ve lost my cat?

Wherever Sparrow is . . . Reseda’s support had better be really goddamn necessary.

Cohen: Okay, I have a Fourth Venus on my phone, but I’ve never managed to use the thing . . . when did you set up the lab for teleporting, again?

Miranda: I didn’t. This wasn’t on the books.

. . . although if she isn’t dead, I may end up hiring her.