New York.

Bennett: This is all the cushions I have.

Cohen: Hmph. Let’s hope it’s enough to give ’em a soft landing. Whoever exactly they are.

Bennett: How does this “summoning” business work, anyway? Can you just magic up anything, from anywhere? Because that seems like the kind of thing that might, oh, say . . . Compromise our great nation’s otherwise-flawless airline security system.

— Hey! Is this why you wanted me on the Defense subcommittee?

Cohen: Yeah . . . you’re not as useful now as you coulda been. Don’t sweat it. C’mere.


Okay! You figure out if you liked that while I put these pillows down.


Miranda: Listen, Poe . . .

If this goes completely wrong . . . you find Dr. Rosen and tell her what happened. Understand?

Poe: If you’re missing, Rosen will take everything I say to your father.

Miranda: Yeah, well . . . Dad can be in on it. You can tell him . . . as much as he needs to know.