Sparrow: I’ve been collecting videos of people doing Being-style magic. When there’s audio, Reseda can translate. Patrick too. Bianca can’t get her mouth around the pronunciation at all, but the Beings agree that mine is understandable!

Reseda: If hilarious.

Sparrow: The words don’t have any power without the sigils, and those don’t show up on film. Miranda hasn’t given me a handy guide to them, either. However! They show up in other sources and records. And I have a short list of the ones I’m pretty sure are legit.

Timothy: You do realize that that last one is a cartoon.

Sparrow: I didn’t say that was one of the legit ones! It’s just in there because I’m trying to be thorough!

Reseda: And it isn’t the worst one, either. You know that ancient Norse saga about me . . . ? The writing in the cartoon has way better grammar.