Sparrow: Words, understanding, intention, a certain amount of strength (physical or emotional? we’re not sure), and the right sigil. These were the ingredients chosen to make a perfect little spell.

You have to create the sigil yourself — no printing it out, or making a photocopy — but it turns out there’s no rule here against tracing.

Timothy: What’s this on the back . . . ?

Sparrow: It’s a leftover flier from my college’s Career Center. Lot of good that place did me.

Timothy: So, is this the sigil that lets you get at a Being’s script? Or compels other people’s Beings to obey you? Or . . .

Sparrow: This one lets you teleport!

Timothy: Teleport a Being . . . ?

Sparrow: Or yourself!

Timothy: Into the battle-world of the Game?

Sparrow: Or into any part of the real world!

Timothy: . . . I’ll say this, that would be a hell of a Special Skill to put on your résumé.