Reseda: Nobody is going to get killed.

Timothy: Thanks, Reseda. Okay, Sparrow — what do you need from me?

Sparrow: Honestly? Just keep an eye on my stuff!

The limits we know about work like this: you can only teleport to a place after you plant a sigil there to hone in on, and the better you can picture the place, the better it works.

I left a sigil at the apartment. Bianca’s hanging out with it. I’ll text you when I get there — but I haven’t seen your church enough that I’d be able to pop right back, you know?

And I don’t want to find out the hard way that Z-space fries electronics.

Timothy: You can leave your things here, sure. Did you bring a coat?

Sparrow: Hall closet.

Timothy: . . . I keep waiting for you to ask if you can take Reseda.

Sparrow: Ooh, that’s a great idea! Can I?