But seriously, folks…comment here with your questions for any of But I’m A Cat Person’s characters.

Fair warning: if you want a truthful answer, stay away from questions like “hey, Miranda, what’s your most secret of secret plots?” and stick with ones like “hey, Sparrow, what are your favorite ships?”


Q. Do Beings never have a breaking point, apart from not having a master?

You can reduce them to inanimate dirt by erasing the right (wrong?) part of the Contract.

Also: total physical obliteration, in ways that are very hard to confirm in-universe. If you drop a nuclear bomb on a Being, it’ll be destroyed, but you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and “much more damaged than usual, will take its time reconstituting and then pop up on this site 100 years from now.”

Q. What are you going to do if you run out of reader questions for these bits?

Make up some filler, I guess.

Q. Same as you’re going to do if people don’t have questions for the characters for the next omake week?

Oh, sure. Priority one here is to be funny. If there’s enough actual reader curiosity that we can be fulfilling it all week, that’s icing on the cake.