Bianca: Hey, how are you with cooking? Because I bet you can win Sparrow over if you cook her something.

Patrick: I can follow a recipe, Master.

Bianca: This isn’t about me being your Master, it’s just about you pulling your weight. Oh, and, can I send you to the store? If I gave you a shopping list and some cash . . .

Patrick: Are you asking me if I can fetch?

Bianca: Fine, that was a stupid question. I’ll send you out later this afternoon.

If someone comes looking for you, hide, okay? You don’t have to fight. Just get out of there as fast as you can.

For extra safety, could you shapeshift? Not into dog form, but to a human form different enough not to be recognized?

Patrick: I already have.

Bianca: ?

Patrick: Our shapes aren’t fixed. We can be changed by the will of our Masters. When I ran away from my former Master, I shed the form that pleased him and took a new one.

Bianca: This shape changing . . . it doesn’t include injuries, does it?

Patrick: No.

Bianca: Oh, good.

Could you shapeshift into a pony?

Patrick: If you ordered me to, I would try.