Bianca: I don’t even know how I’d tell if he was tamed. He already does everything I say. Except answer questions. It’s like he can’t stand to admit he has opinions.

Today I made him struggle for hours on something he barely knows how to do. I would have taken it back if he’d just said! But he never volunteers anything!

What’s it going to be tomorrow? What if I get him seriously hurt?

Sparrow: Okay, back up.

If he gets hurt because he didn’t let you know that something would hurt him, that’s on his head. Not yours. It’s not your job to fix his messed-up psyche.

Who knows? Maybe it isn’t even messed up. Maybe, for Beings, this is totally normal.

Bianca: Maybe . . .

Sparrow: You could ask.

Bianca: I already know what he’d say. “My normal psyche is whatever you want it to be, Master.”

Sparrow: . . . Are you sure he’s not just trolling you?

Because if I was upset about being stuck on the obedient end of a magical contract, that is exactly how I would troll.