Bianca: (oof) You know, I don’t think so? I think Patrick is as straightforward as he seems.

But what do I know about how Beings think, anyway. And you’re right, it’s not my job to work it out.

Sparrow: I found some books in the library catalog. Not at our branch, but in the system. All the good ones looked like they were checked out. Thought about putting myself on the waiting lists, but . . .

Bianca: Don’t worry, I’m already on all of them.

Sparrow: Thought so.

Listen, Bee. If I had known this was going to be hard for you . . .

Bianca: It’s fine! I had a moment, that’s all. I’m bouncing back already.

Sparrow: Yeah, I see. But if Patrick keeps setting you off–

Bianca: Do you have anything planned for tonight?

Sparrow: Well, I had lined up some very important fanfiction to read.

Bianca: Great! So, nothing you can’t put off to go out dancing.