Bianca: You’re not allowed to interrogate Patrick until we’re safely home, got it?

Sparrow: Fine. But he better have something good to say! Because I’ve never heard of a Being picking a fight at a crowded club before.

(ZOOM, rumble rumble)

Sparrow: What was that all about, huh?!

Bianca: And do it without yelling!

Patrick: I don’t have to answer to you.

Bianca: But you have to answer me, right? Well, I’m asking! Could they have been looking for you?

Patrick: I’ve never seen the Rabbit with that Master before.

That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have heard of me! What with how I’m a world-class fighter, and all.

But it seems more likely they agreed to have a battle with the other Master, then decided to make a show of it.

Bianca: How would they have found each other?

Patrick: Craigslist?