QPOC = Queer People Of Color, an acronym frequently used for student groups.

Sparrow: I guess that would explain why Camellia was so calm about the whole thing. But why am I guessing about this? You’re the one who knows her!

Bianca: Barely! We met when she did some advising for that charity show QPOC ran sophomore year. And you know how that year was for me.

I’d be surprised if she even remembers my name.

Sparrow: Were you secretary that semester?

Bianca: Well . . . technically . . .

Sparrow: Do you still have the list of the advisers’ phone numbers?

Bianca: I don’t feel right about this.

Sparrow: Hey, you’re the one who wanted to take care of a Being. I would have been fine with a cat. A nice, low-maintenance cat. But nooo . . .