Patrick: You don’t have to do this for me.

Bianca: I’m not so broke that I can’t afford to buy you a sandwich once in a while. If you don’t like it . . . could I order you to? Would that work, telling your tastes to change?

Patrick: I don’t have tastes.

Bianca: You must have some–

Patrick: I mean literally. Beings don’t have taste buds.

Bianca: Oh! Good thing I got the cheapest one, then.

I feel like the king in The Little Prince. Have you read it?

Patrick: I don’t know.

Bianca: He says a ruler shouldn’t order their subjects to do anything they’re not capable of doing. But he takes that so far that all his orders are for things that were going to happen anyway. Like ordering the sun to go down at sunset. That’s how I’m trying to be for you with this “Master” business. An authority in name only. You see what I mean?

Patrick: I’ll try.

Bianca: Good! That’s enough to start with. So . . .

. . . how did it go with the books? How far did you get?