A whole lot of closed tabs later:

George Washington was said to have a fleet-footed Rabbit which he used to send messages. Its human form resembled a Cherokee youth, though Beings were unknown in the New World before the Europeans arrived.

The youngest Being-owner on record (name withheld to protect her privacy) currently lives in the United Kingdom. Upon the death of her grandmother, she inherited a Being in the shape of an iguana.

Ms. Ann Walker, CEO of Walker International, offers compensation for owners of Beings willing to participate in simple experiments.

Hitler wrote that Beings are “not part of Nature” and “a Jewish abomination”. Of Nazi experiments attempting to destroy Beings, only one was successful, and the details are lost.

A marriage license was revoked in Italy in 1913 when one party was found to be a Being. Records do not state which.

Sparrow: You would think someone would write a how-to book. “Owning A Being For Dummies.”

Not that it would have much of an audience, if there really are only about a hundred of them . . .

Ooh, a Discovery Channel documentary! I’ll have to see if I can pirate that later.