BICP characters, if they had been born and raised in the Leif & Thorn universe! With plant-themed names and everything.

(None of them will ever be major characters, but keep an eye out for the cameos. A couple of them — AU Kara Lynn and Bianca — have already appeared.)

Strawberry and Morinda: Both identified young as having serious magical potential. Strawberry is friendliest with earth spirits; Morinda has a strong affinity with water. They argue a lot about which spell techniques are most practical, most effective, and/or most morally acceptable.

Pine: Morinda’s patient and loving boyfriend. Totally normal human in this universe. Works at a wildlife center, rehabilitating injured birds.

Ana Wagner: Trade mogul from Leif’s home country. Always wearing classy furs. Has some lucrative business partnerships with vampires.

Katya: Embassy servant, same position as Leif, though she has different specialties. Taller than he is.

Briony: Works at the highest level with the Ceannic government’s technomagical databases. (They have computer-esque technology, it just all runs on giant crystals.)

Reseda and Lily: Separate characters! Twins, but not hard to tell apart. Reseda is the outspoken fighter; Lily is the mild-mannered dreamer.

Camellia (Torvald): Openly lives the bigender life, because this society doesn’t understand transness as something controversial. Work buddies with Reseda; met Lily in a literature class. You can imagine the rom-com mistaken-identity shenanigans.