This was two pages’ worth of scene that was going to be in chapter 7, before I realized Miranda was busy focusing on her Plans for the chapter, and had no time for lying around in the park. Though I was sad to lose the panel of Poe facing down a pigeon.

The final panel ended up getting copied to page 15. After an extended sequence with Jany and Kara Lynn, we got the same transition to Patrick and Sparrow preparing for the visit from Sparrow’s mom. The physical copy of that page has a blank space in the bottom right.

Very little editing was done on these pages after scanning them, so you can see things before they’ve been processed. In the third row, the second panel was going to be a copy of the first, and there’s a penciled arrow to indicate it. The fourth row has the remains of some notes about the dialogue. Plus, you can see how I changed my mind about the structure of Miranda’s shirt from spaghetti-strap to tank top, leaving some lines that would have needed to be erased before coloring.