Important update: I just pulled out the last box from under the couch…and found like 10 more copies of issues 1 and 2. So everyone who originally made a request is getting a set, and the next 6 commenters will get some too.

You can still buy the new print editions (better art! full color!) on Lulu, and if you want a glimpse at the original unpublished bonus art, I’ve posted it as an exclusive for supporters on Patreon.

More details:

– This offer is open until May 28
– These issues have original bonus art that was never published anywhere else
– Also, I will totally autograph them if you want
– Comment here to claim, and if you’re a lucky winner I’ll let you know where to send the shipping information
– If you need it shipped outside the US, please be ready to PayPal the cost, but if it’s domestic shipping I’ll cover it
– These books are old but they’re pretty and I would love to give them to someone who will appreciate them, okay

Hello, readers! Exciting news.

So I have a handful of books from the original attempt at printing But I ‘m A Cat Person. Single issues! Original art! Much vintage, very historical significance, wow.

Originally they were on sale for money, but they didn’t move a lot of
copies. (Which is why I stopped after chapter 3.) And I’m about to move house, and don’t want to pack them, so . . . does anyone want them?

If you want a better print edition, it ‘s on sale now. But if you want a personal artifact of BICP history, you can totally have that for free. I’ll even cover shipping (as long as you’re within the US). Just comment on this post and call dibs!

First lucky requester gets copies of issues 1-3.

Next three lucky requesters get copies of issues 1-2.

Everyone after that is out of luck. (Sorry, folks.)