On this date one year ago, the cover of the very first BICP chapter hit the Internet. Since then we’ve introduced a whole bunch of lovely ladies. Also, Poe. (Hey, he was Lydia Ann that one time.)

Thank you all for reading! Now stick around, because we’re only just getting started :D

And don’t miss the true-color version of this art!

Chapter five is almost over, and remember, guest strips will be posted when it ends. Or possibly guest strip, as I’ve only gotten one so far. But there’s still a bit of time to squeak them in…

Guest strip rules:
Format: PNG, JPG, GIF
Size: 760 pixels wide or less
Rating: PG-13 or less
Submissions accepted by: email, forum message (if you’ve uploaded it somewhere and can send me a link), or note to [email protected] (ditto)