A bit of history.

In 2010 I graduated from college, moved out of my parents’ house, and used the experience to start actually drawing the original comic I’d been making all these plans for.

In 2016, I thought I’d have the story finished by 2018. In 2018, I figured I’d be through by mid-2019. Now it’s 2020, and I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around the fact that we are finally clocking out for real.

…and since it’s ending after 9 years, same as And Shine Heaven Now did, this means I still haven’t qualified for TVTropes’ Webcomic Long-Runners list. (When it gets to 2024, everyone remind me how I’m not allowed to end Leif & Thorn for at least another year.)

This art, at last, is the full-cast portrait based on the results of the Unnecessarily Long Favorite Character Poll. (Could’ve been more of them, but I made an executive decision to leave out “characters who only appeared on a single page and/or never got real names.)

A special hat tip to whoever-it-was that made a point of checking every box, so every character got at least 1 vote, and they all got to be drawn in the end.