Starting off Femslash February right, with a bonus backstory: how Sharon met her future wife.

(Readers all seemed to like C-names for Cute Butch Stepmom, so I settled on Constance — Connie for short.)


Constance (thinking): Cutie in the paint aisle!


Constance: Heyyy…can I help you find something?

Sharon: Yes, please!

I’m trying to figure out what supplies I need to paint my daughter’s room. She’s right over–


[8-year-old Sparrow]

Sharon: You could have knocked over that whole display! And cracked your head open!

Sparrow: Well I didn’t, so what’s the problem?

Sharon: You stay right next to me from now on.

Sparrow: You know, Mom, if you keep being this bossy you’ll never get a girlfriend.

Constance (thinking): Don’t bet on it, kid.