Mug labeled I Heart My MasterLooking at the original archive order once more…these were posted after an interlude, and after one of the extended All Of January/Half Of February hiatuses the comic did for several years. So, yeah, of course that’s where I’d put a recap. The way it worked out in print was just luck.

But now it’s over! Which means this is where the volume REALLY st–

//author is abruptly dragged offstage by a giant hook

(Seriously, though, annotated chapter 23 kicks off on Monday. See you then.)

Walker takes Jany and company to Germany to meet her partner in crime — the Wolf — whose Master still isn’t doing so hot.

Jany: I’m doing research before trips now. So . . . a coma, huh.
Ilsa: Why you little — *

And Ilsa is now suffering from familiar blankouts.

Heartened by the weakness on Team Scary, Jany starts making plans! Step one: cute new butch haircut. Step two: work on the self-doubt and insecurity stemming from how her Mastery of Kara Lynn intersects with kinks she’s ashamed to admit. Step three: crowdsource her intel with Bianca.

Jany: Turns out our best next move is to help Walker steal from the Russian mob.
Kara Lynn: If I defeat their Being, will you reward me by tying me up after?

Timothy(/Camellia) joins the party. He’s been itching to get more active in coming to the rescue of mis-used Beings. Also, the lost job means he can’t afford to keep his apartment.
Timothy: And I’ve got a lot of free time now, so . . .
Reseda: . . . road trip!

They’re off to Chicago to talk to Ann Walker about apocalypses.

Sparrow: I thought about going too — but I’m worried about how Bianca would do without me around to lean on.
Bianca: Hi there~
Emma: Hi yourself~

Sparrow: So I’m still in Boston working with Miranda, and . . . Wait, is that it? Are we all out of stuff to recap? Uh, I had this wacky Christmas-themed dream that might’ve been foreshadowing . . . And, yeah, that’s all I got. I guess this is where the real story restarts.