Along with the business empire, Walker gets into Being research. Her eventual competition: linguistics nerd Stuart Cohen. He digs into the proto-Hebrew language that Beings (and related laws-of-physics hax) are built on.

Stu’s other hobbies include running a broadcasting network, having hot rivals-with-benefits relationships, and not wanting an accidental kid.

Miranda: You can see how I was destined to have sooooo many issues.

There’s other Being research going on around the world, but not a lot. (And the main guy doing it in Europe — the Wolf’s Master — eventually falls into a coma.)

Ilsa: He’s just resting! He’ll get better!

While Cohen is funding archaeological digs in Israel, Walker makes a discovery in the UAE.

Blake: Looks like us Beings are the angelic heralds of the Apocalypse in Revelation.
Walker: So my company has to be SEELE? I can work with that.

This isn’t the first time Beings have been linked with the end of the world. We’ve hit the ’90s/2000s now, when the Cat was the focus of a doomsday cult.

Timothy: What do we do if the Date of Prophecy comes and the world doesn’t end?

Reseda: Announce a small mistake, pick a new date, and tell everyone to double down on their conviction. Standard practice in doomsday cults. Also, BBC Sherlock fandom.

It’s also when Cohen (and this is when the story really starts) finally gets his own Being — the Dog — in the world’s biggest trash-picking score.

He inherits custody of his accidental kid, and doesn’t know how to bond with her . . . so he mostly just has the Dog handle it. Emotional health and stability alllll over this recap.