Timothy walks out of the cult with the Cat, and the rest of the main cast picks up their Beings too.

Miranda: Patrick is great, but I can’t ask for his help with secretly hacking into Dad’s research. Now let’s work on sigils! And if anyone asks, you’re my boyfriend.

Bennett: I’m going to use you to stoke fake fears in the general public, so they’ll get scared and rally around me! This is a fun game of political power that can’t possibly backfire horribly on the real world!

Jany: Now it’s just you, me, and my mountain of teenage insecurities.

After a night of drinking, hubris, and angst over his fitness to be responsible for another being, Cohen opens up Patrick and starts tinkering directly with his code.

Cohen: Okay, I found the “Master” line. Now, if I erase my name, like so . . .

Patrick: Nope nope nope nope nope!

Shocked, traumatized, and forcibly de-Mastered, the Dog flees. Ends up at the apartment of Sparrow and Bianca, because Sparrow “smells nice.” The roommates agree that he can stay, if (and this is where the story really starts) he accepts Bianca as his new Master.

Bianca’s life gets complicated, fast.

Timothy: I will be your Being-Mastery mentor, but I work for a church now, so you have to be careful with my secret gender identity.

Miranda: FIGHT ME. If I win, you aren’t worthy of Patrick. I read a ton of shounen manga — I know how this works.

Bennett: Hey! I’m here! Causing trouble! Pay attention to me!

That’s pretty much the first five chapters in one page.

Patrick: Hey! It didn’t cover any of my awesome fight scenes!

Poe: Or my highly convincing masquerade as a human . . . who happens to trip a lot.