Bennett’s spree of destruction is cut short when Cohen takes Cybele prisoner.

Cohen: Abracadabra.

Cybele: Yikes!

She’ll be there for a while, giving away nothing. (At least he gets her a pillow.)

Cybele: Nine million bottles of beer on the wall, nine million bottles of beer . . .

Bennett tries to keep advancing his plans on his own. Trouble is, when it comes to manipulation, everyone else in this comic can run rings around him.

Bennett: Did I just agree that my bill should make it legal for your company to confiscate people’s Beings?

Walker: Did you! How convenient for me.

Fortunately, he loses an election before anything can come of this.

He has a moment of inconvenient truth at dinner with Cohen . . . who’s too preoccupied (also, drunk) to catch on.

Bennett: I think the Rabbit’s Master doesn’t deserve her and should be taken away.

Cohen: Ahahaha, if only I could tell you how bad that idea is. Hey, wanna split a dessert?

Over in the UK, in Jany’s part of the story, Kara Lynn — the Lizard — starts having strange blank-outs. Like a frozen computer.

Jany: This isn’t her normal level of expressionless and stoic! This is new!

One of them happens in the middle of her night job. Which is how Jany finds out she has a night job. (Her previous Master set it up.)

Jany: Exotic dancing and prostitution?! What were you thinking, Mum and Dad? I can’t handle being responsible for this!

Jany’s dad: That’s why we never told you.

Jany’s mum: She works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.

They move in with Jany’s brother for a while, but go ahead with a planned trip to the United States for a convention . . . where they have a chance encounter (and this is where the story really starts) with Bianca, Patrick, and Sparrow.

Patrick: But first I had an adventure with some furries! They think Beings are ascended otherkin.