Bennett goes to visit the Rabbit in prison . . . then, being Bennett, outs himself as her Master at the first opportunity.

Cohen: I know she’s yours.
Bennett: Dammit, Cybele, you gave it away!
Cybele: [WHAP]

Cohen lets them walk out together, since he has blackmail material on them now . . . and they’re only really useful if Bennett has Cybele around to help.

Cohen: And that’s the only reason! It’s not like I wanted us to be f-friends or anything.

They leave in disguise — which Miranda sees right through.

Miranda: Usually my spying takes a little more time than that.

Have we mentioned that Bennett used to have a Very Heterosexual marriage? They divorced after his wife lost a pregnancy. He considers the implications.

Bennett: I never told you about that — but I guess you could sense it, right?
Cybele: Uh-huh! I picked a form that would fill the daughter-shaped hole in your life.

Cybele: I can also sense that you have a lil’ crush on Short, Dark, and Handsome. With his smarts and his bad-boy charm.
Bennett: Hey! That wouldn’t be Very Heterosexual of me, now would it?!

He loses his re-election bid, but is making real progress in the fight to become a better human being.

Bennett: Plus I immediately got my own show on Fox News!

Cohen also makes good-person progress, via a tipsy late-night apology session with Miranda.

Cohen: What I did to Patrick was arrogant an’ reckless an’ I never shoulda risked hurting him like that. Also I did a terrible job as a father. Woulda made your mom ashamed of me. I maybe oughta try an’ drink less. Do you wanna take over my Being research stuff?

He follows through on his offers once he sobers up — putting Miranda in charge of the Cohen Being Research Institute.

Miranda: And this is where the story really starts.