Jany finds the kidnapped Being (the Bearded Vulture) in Walker’s basement, and demands answers.

Janey: Blimey.

Walker reveals her theory: Beings are the heralds of the end of the world. Only four will survive, and to make sure Blake is one of them, she’s looking for ways to pre-emptively thin the herd.

Walker: You can’t tell me this form doesn’t look like an apocalyptic hellbeast.

So now they’re in a careful balancing act. Jany depends on Walker’s money, and shares a few secrets about Being weaknesses, to prove she’s a valuable resource. Walker depends on Jany’s discretion, and starts actively involving Jany in the plans, to make Jany complicit in anything she could reveal.

Over at the other Being Research project, Miranda starts giving out actual backstory . . . including a bit about the magic she’s done.

Sparrow throws herself into an independent study of this stuff. She gets confident enough to do a test-run teleport. Timothy helps.

Timothy: It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

It goes horribly wrong. But they rescue her with the power of teamwork! But in the meantime Timothy gets fired. Look, it’s an eventful night.

Bennett has picked up that it’s possible to erase a Master’s name from a Contract, and confronts Cohen about his learnings. Now it’s Cohen’s turn to reveal some backstory. Over milkshakes.

Cohen: :(
Bennett: (sip)

A little bit later, they make out.

Cohen: ;)
Bennett: Mguh.

Apparently it’s good for Bennett. Soon after — with Cybele’s support — he comes out of the closet. On live TV. In spite of semi-panic attacks.

Bennett: What did I DO my life is OVER
Cohen: No . . . this is where your life really starts.