The proliferation of different-colored flags for every micro-shading of LGBTQ identity can get a little silly. But it’s the harmless, fun kind of silly.

Back row: Timothy/Camellia in a nonbinary polo; Emma in a pansexual sundress; Cohen in an understated pride rainbow; Bennett wearing one teeny-tiny pride pin (also, subtle androphilia stripes); Jany in lesbian pinstripes; Henriette in a trans tee.

Front row: Sparrow in rainbow stripes; Bianca in a bi shirt.

And, listen, as long as I’m here…reading webcomics about LGBT+ characters is great (especially when those webcomics are mine), but it’s not activism! You also have to get out and vote for pro-gay candidates. Strike down homophobic ballot measures. March in the streets for the defense of our rights. And support the organizations that work tirelessly to protect us — Lambda Legal, the Trevor Project, and RUSA LGBT are all good places to start.