Sparrow (thinking): That takes care of that. Wonder who my subconscious put under the hoodie . . . I can’t see his face . . .


Jany (singing): Wha-a-at’s this–?

What’s this? There’s rainbows everywhere. What’s this? There’s Pride flags in the air. What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes, I must be dreaming, wake up Jany, it’s not fair — what’s this?

. . . Especially this.

Sparrow: Hey! Look, it’s not that you shouldn’t be here, but have you done your research?

You’ve gotta do this slowly, so nobody gets hurt. Do you know the outlets are different here? And you have to check that ropes aren’t cutting off circulation. And shrunken heads do not make good presents.

. . . I am losing track of what metaphor I’m in, here.