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violetbauble: Is it bad if you watch holiday comedies about OTT messed-up families and wish your Christmas was more like that?

At least between the screaming matches, the gift disasters, and the houses nearly burning down, the air gets cleared. And nothing that comes out is toxic enough to get in the way of a heartwarming family hug at the end.

My family get-together is exactly the same as the last year. And the year before. And etc etc etc. I love them, but if something doesn’t change soon I think I’m going to suffocate.

/being vague because the specifics will probably sound whiny

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ace_and_time: I could come for a visit and tell them I’m your girlfriend. Would that shake things up enough?

kidding (mostly!)

But srsly, mom did this whole radical lesbian thing in the 80s & it’s not like I have Xmas celebrations to miss, so
she’d probably pay for a plane ticket if I asked. Say the word <3 (reply)(thread)(delete) Bianca (thinking): Thanks, Sparrow. Bianca (typing): Still OK for now, but I'll keep the offer in mind. Thanks ^_^ (2006 - End.)